The concept

From its unique architecture to its interior decoration conceived in the finest detail, excellence is ensured by our expert teams. Every Secret villa is a jewel of sophistication that perfectly combines luxury and refinement. With their harmonious combination of quality materials with seamless lines and technological innovations, Secret’s villas form part of an unparalleled prestige concept and exclusive luxury hotel.

Careful selection of materials, colors and textures forms the very essence of sophistication that enables each space to provide you with an unforgettable living experience. Paying attention to the smallest details, our architects and engineers have come up with remarkable layout solutions to create a perfect combination of luxury and comfort.

Tailor-made creations and know-how combine warm colors and superior materials to complete the touch of elegance characteristic of each villa. The lighting is subtly positioned to create an intimate and subdued atmosphere for a stylish and elegant interior. With their large openings and ideally oriented living areas, the villas enjoy natural daylight throughout the day. Innovative and refined, the Secret villa conveys you to a sensual and luxurious universe.

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